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Nashville woman paralyzed after C0VlD shot

Brandy McFadden, a health advocate and active mother of 3, was expecting some mild side effects after getting her second Pfizer C0VlD shot… But nothing could have prepared her for what happened: Within 24 hours, Brandy was paralyzed from the shoulders down. “It’s just the worst nightmare I could ever imagine,” she says from her hospital bed, holding back tears.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO Although Brandy suffers from epilepsy, she was entirely healthy before receiving the second v@cc!ne. And, she’s not the only woman to suffer paralysis from the Pfizer shot… it’s important to note that the others did not have epilepsy.  The good news is that she’s regaining some movement and will be starting physical therapy soon.  What does Pfizer have to say about it? A representative released a statement that read: “…it is important to note that serious adverse events that are unrelated to the vaccine are unfortunately likely to occur at a similar rate, as they would in the general population.”  In other words, they’re not willing to take responsibility or admit that their product had anything to do with the sudden paralysis of a healthy woman in her prime, less than a day after she took the shot. To  your health, happiness, and freedom,  Maxine WrightVRCE community manager  PS: The video was working as of 5/5/2021, please let me know if you try to watch it and it’s been taken down. 

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